Ut-I love jouw

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  • Titel: I love jouw
  • Tekst: Huub van Mackelenberg
  • Muziek: Karel de Mug en Huub van Mackelenberg
  • Arrangeur: Karel de Mug
  • Club: Ut
I love jouw
couplet 1:
In a dark and smokey pupke I was talking with a mupke, 
she was looking as ‘t monster from Loch Ness.
And I told her Londonderry, can I leave here with the ferry,
is this the best that Oeteldonk here has?
Then she took me out for dancing, call it ‘Oeteldonk romancing’,
en she zwierde zo d’r boebies in mun nek.
Then her eyes looked rood-white-yellow, and she zeet you are my fellow, 
but I feel the pain in munne bek.
And toen zeet she…
Give me nou mun glasgow, 
then I say I love jouw, 
then I say you are my schat of Froggeldonk.
You’re not the same as Jan and Allemen,
kèk mar us goed naor we I can, 
then youl be mine aswednesday has began.
La la la lalalala lala …
couplet 2:
Then she took me by mun errum, I start sweating – kreeg ik ‘t werrum, 
and she wanted to the fresh and open air.
And by de schotten veur de windows, she zeet ‘Kiss me Amadeiro’, 
efkes wist ik echt nie where ik ben.
But her lips felt sweet en fine, de mix of pils and brendewijn, 
en my hart sloeg honderdelluf in mun lijf.
And by the burrying of Knillis, I said witte wa ik wil ‘ns, 
please my lekker mupke be my wife!
And toen zeet she…